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You and Your Family

Most likely, you, the adult children of your parents will have to take care of them If a bus struck you today, who would take care of you and where would the money come from for your care? You would probably answer, “My family or loved ones would,” or “The government would.” That may or may not be true, probably not!

Your family or friends as caregivers takes away from their lives, their work, and their families. If they don’t live near, they need to commute. Can they care for you in the best possible way, can they give shots, do they know how to do medical procedures or work medical equipment? Sometimes, the caregiver suffers more than the person for which they are caring. They are subject to depression, stress, illness, and exhaustion. If you love them, you will consider this.

Many people mistakenly think Medicare will pay for Long Term Care. It will not. Nor will the government or private medical insurance pay for home care or assisted living care. Custodial care (non-medical care), typically is the responsibility of the person receiving the care. What planning have you done to prepare for a sudden accident or illness (LTC)?

America is in denial! Most people think they don’t need Long Term Care. While it’s true that you may never get sick and need care, but if you do, the consequences to your family could be severe, the subject must be discussed.

The common phrases are, “It won’t happen to me!” and “I’ll take care of Mom.”