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SRES_Logo_no_tagNot only am I an SRES® REALTOR®, but I am an approved instructor to teach the course. I want to target the seniors as their client base. I can help you add value to your business. I am licensed, experienced, and active in the areas you cannot or will not handle. Long Term Care (LTC) is just part of a sound, integral financial plan.


I will not compete with you since I only do referrals in real estate, but I could be a team member with you and work for you. I bring expertise in both financial planning and Long Term Care to the table. But my passion is Long Term Care. Our networking would enhance and complete your service to clients. I can do as little or as much as you want.

Besides serving you with expert Long Term Care advice, I will educate you and your clients about Long Term Care subjects. I can forward articles on related topics and current events, keep you updated on latest legal and legislative happenings, help recognize the difference between facts & fiction, do seminars for your clients, teach you how to approach the sensitive subject of facing the possibility of needing long term care, and how to do preemptive planning of buying long term care insurance, because once you cannot qualify for a policy, you will never be able to buy it. America is in denial on LTC, I can help people face reality.

I don’t want you to think of Long Term Care when you think of me, but I do want you to think of me when you think of Long Term Care! If you need someone you can trust to work with your most valued clients, please consider me. I would treat them as if they were your own mother.